The Pixel List.

Hey everyone,

We started building this project at the end of 2021. For the past few months, we’ve made tremendous progress and showcased the possibilities of our game framework. Our community grew enormously and has given us really good feedback, and we are very thankful for that.

Our Vision.

Our goal is to create a long lasting web3 Multiplayer Role Playing Game. This extends beyond our holders, we want those people to be a part of our community who believe in this project and want to help improve it in the future.

Mint list spots are a great way to create engagement on Twitter and other social media platforms, but it does not help the project in the long run. Hence, we’ve given mint list spots to people who has shown interest in helping with our community, improving our project, the lore, monsters, etc.

While we continue distributing Pixel List slots to community members, this article is to discuss the changes to the Pixel List program.

The Plan.

Originally we planned to mint the monsters first and apartments after. But We want to give early adopters the benefit of being early, hence we will be minting 9500 Apartment NFTs on Ethereum in August, 2022.

Monsters, skins and items will then be raffled and airdropped to these apartment owners afterwards.

Let’s dive into the numbers with a breakdown of all the 9500 Apartments:

  • 4500 Small Apartments
  • 3000 Medium Apartments
  • 1500 Large Apartments
  • 500 Penthouses

Out of the above list, a total of 150 Apartments (60 Small, 40 Medium, 30 Large, 20 Penthouses) are to be held by Defimons to be used for airdrops, team and marketing.

Next Steps.

Once the mint finishes, we will shortly deploy the apartment builder. Players will have a chance to edit their apartments and even view the edited apartments on Opensea.

In the future, multiple snapshots will be taken for raffling and airdropping monster NFTs, item NFTs, skin NFTs etc. to apartment owners. We are currently considering providing a choice between three starter Defimons to apartment owners, in a snapshot.

That’s all for now, we wish you luck on your monster hunting endaveours for the Pixel List spots and more!

If you’re not already a member of our fast-growing family, join us on Discord or Twitter.



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