Settlers Assemble!

Apartments Explained

Defimons Apartments are your NFTs. Your in-game land. 9,500 Apartments for 9,500 settlers. They bring utility and integrations to the world of Defimons. Apartments are the most important NFTs for the game. While, ownership of one apartment is not mandatory, it does provide you utility that changes how you ultimately advance in the game.

The Numbers

Let’s dive into the numbers with a breakdown of all the 9,500 Apartments:

  • 3000 Medium Apartments (128x128 Pixels)
  • 1500 Large Apartments (512x512 Pixels)
  • 500 Penthouses (1024x1024 Pixels)

The Utility

Apartments let us test out different possibilites and integrations. We made sure that they also come in with lots of utility:

  • Stake Lending. Allowing players to lend these monster staking slots to other players for a fee. Thus, bringing in long term sustainable utility.
  • Proximity Audio. Communicate with other players via audio or video (if required).Just move in close to another player and they’ll be able to hear what you have to say.
  • Whiteboards and Screensharing. Useful for teams and guilds in planning their game strategy. Work on in-game whiteboards, screensharing and presentation mode.
  • NFT Integrations. Hang your favourite NFTs in your apartment. We plan to support projects over chains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon etc. Just login and you’ll be able to see integrated NFTs over all chains.
  • Access to exclusive Discord Roles with sneak peeks, and other advantages.
  • First access to game progression. Apartment holders will be eligible for monster airdrops and raffles, thus in-turn getting access first to the game.
  • Last but not the least,… access to rare in-game item airdrops and skin airdrops.



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