Defimons: Pixel List

Monsters are coming, and we need to be ready.

Our team is pleased to announce our Generation Zero mint, which will take place in April-May 2022.

For our Generation Zero mint, we have formed the Pixel List program. This program is a modified whitelisting process that will promote quality content and engagement from our community, rather than low quality tasks, and shilling.

This project is our dream game, and we want it to be yours as well. This program opens up our game to ideas and stories for character outfits, monsters, missions and much more.

These Pixel List spots will be only awarded to those, with the intentions of improving and being a part of the World of Defimons.

Participation Process

We want to leverage the incredible talent, passion and resources that our existing community has, to create quality content and awareness that will help us grow organically.

While, keeping in mind that not all of our community members would be the greatest artists in the world, we decided to divide our whitelist into different categories called “Pools”.

Each pool has a different task, you can/are allowed to participate in multiple pools.



We are looking for skilled artists across ALL mediums which include (and are not limited to):

  • High-quality memes
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Concept art for monsters
  • Ideas for character outfits
  • Ideas for expansion of Lore
  • Ideas for story missions

The content of Art/Memes should be relevant to Defimons and the game/token/community.

Do not forget to tag @TheDefimons in your posts if you’re sharing it on social media, or send it in channels on our discord server and they will be noticed by our moderators.


Content is king and we believe it is one of the most important methods for organic growth. We want you to help us grow our community with original content made about Defimons.

This content should be high-quality and not simple shilling or spam.

The content should discuss Defimons Economy, minigames, lore, story concept, tokenomics, token usecases, etc.

We are very open to the different platforms on which you can create content on. No one single platform is more prioritized by us than another, it is all about the quality of content to us. Platforms include Tiktok, Youtube videos, Blogs, Twitter threads, Medium posts, etc.

Missions and Achievements

While we are focusing on art and content, we don’t want the fun to be lost.

During the months of March and April, we will be working towards multiple in-game missions. Players can participate in these missions and get a chance to be on the whitelist.


It is important for us to recognise the efforts put in by community members who help others in answering questions regarding the project, lore, and monsters. We will be giving away white-list slots on a daily basis to such community members.

Important thing to note is that spam will not be allowed or tolerated.

Engage, learn and help others learn about Defimons and you shall be rewarded for it.


Some whitelist slots have been reserved for twitter, instagram and reddit competitions and quizzes. This also includes partnerships with other projects present on the Harmony Blockchain and other EVM chains.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is one Gen0 mint going to cost?

This whitelist program is for the team to sort out a select group of people, who want to help improve the project and are excited about it. Hence, each Gen0 mint will cost around ~200 USD in $MON tokens (Price may change, subject to market conditions).

2. How will we be able buy the NFTs?

Whitelist winners will be able to mint their NFT in the Pet Store. The NFTs can only be bought using $MON tokens.

3. How many Pixel list slots are available?

Only 2,000 pixel list slots are available to be shared between the different pools. They will be allocated regularly via direct interaction on social media.

4. What are the benefits of being a part of the Pixel list?

Pixel list program is an early supporter program. If you become a part of the pixel list, you are eligible for future airdrops of in-game items, clothing and much more.

Pixel list members have a 10x chance of minting a rare defimon.

You as a Pixel List member will be the first to test out the alpha release of PvE fights. Also, Pixel List members will be the first players to be able to play the PvE game, once it is out of beta.

Our project depends upon your feedback.

5. Will we be able to buy monsters after the Pixel List program?

You’ll be able to buy the same monsters from the Pet store marketplace from other players and play the game.

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